Exact Replica Flying V guard

Finally, the worlds most accurate Flying V guard ever made. These were produced by Gibson in the late 1950’s alongside the Explorer, making them one of the most rare pickguards ever made by Gibson.
We had them made from Cellulose Nitrate by the same company that made them in the 50’s. Colour matched the white colour exactly to an original guard.
4 ply w/b/w/b and include the “roll marks” (actually called shearing marks) as per the originals.
They are the correct thickness and made from accurate tracings of a known original guard from a well known original Flying V.
Disclaimer: These are made from tracings of an original Flying V guard from 1959. Many copies of V’s have been made over the years, but few are made exactly like the originals were. Please understand that If this guard does not fit your guitar that means your guitar isn’t an accurate replica.


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