More About Us

We take great pride in offering those 'impossible-to-get' parts for your restoration projects... The little things like replacement holly veneer, and Binding that is chemically identical to that used on vintage Gibson Guitars from the 50's. 

Our products are as close to the original part as possible, right down to the tooling marks on the underside of our pickup rings, or the 'chatter' marks on the perimeter of our pick guards.

We also offer luthier materials and tools designed to make repair and restoration work much simpler. We have sourced inlay material identical to that used in the 50's, as well as hard to get products like Holly headstock veneer. We are also home to the infamous 'Bartlett Plans'.

    We have worked closely with collectors, restorers and customers to develop a catalogue of high quality parts that are as identical to originals as possible.

    We are always working on bringing new products to market and expanding our catalog, so check back often, and sign up to our news letter!