Complete Hardware Set Featuring Rewind Electrics Pickups

We are very excited to finally offer a one-stop shop offering for all the best top of the line hardware for a complete Les Paul in one spot at a significant savings over buying each part individually.

Featuring Rewind Electrics Pickups


Includes everything pictured below (only available Aged)

Tuners + Screws + Ferrels

Truss Rod Cover + Screws

Switch + Tip + Poker Chip + Knurled Nut + Wire

Pickups (Rewind) + M69 Rings + Mounting screws and springs + Phillips wood screws

Bridge + Posts + Thumb wheels

Tailpiece + Studs + Bushings

Strap Buttons + Screws

Pickguard + Mounting Bracket + Slot Screw/Washer/Nut

Pots + Capacitors + Ground Bus Wire 

Knobs + Pointers + Washers + Nuts

22AWG ground wire

Output Jack + Jack Plate + washers + Nut + Mounting Screws

Back Plates + mounting Screws



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